Cora Kemp

Sushi Chef

A Bahamian local with Asian culinary expertise, the talented Chef Cora Kemp helms the Sushi Bar at The Cove Eleuthera. Bringing over 40 years of gastronomic experience, Kemp started her hospitality career at Club Fortuna, also known as Viva Fortuna Beach by Wyndham in the Bahamas, working as a pantry chef, cook, and sushi chef. It was in this role where her passion for becoming a skilled “itamae” ignited. Proudly holding this position at a number of acclaimed Bahama hotels and restaurants including The Grand Lucayan, Silk Café, and Chub Cay Marina, Kemp has mastered the art of traditional sushi preparation. Bringing a creative and feminine flair to a mostly male dominated profession, Chef Cora’s favorite dish to craft is the Bahama Roll, which features the native delicacy, conch. Guests can see Chef Cora working her magic at Freedom Restaurant & Sushi Bar at The Cove, or more intimately at one of her exciting hands-on sushi classes with sips of sake.