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A Serene Island Paradise 

Nestled between two white sand coves on the secluded island of Eleuthera, The Cove is a place unlike any other. And if you didn’t know it was there, you might pass right by it. Just beyond the narrowest point on earth, this off-the-beaten-path hideaway makes you feel like you’ve washed ashore on your own private Caribbean island. The Cove, Eleuthera is an intimate resort built on happiness that instantly transports you to a simpler way of life.

The Cove features Freedom Restaurant with its renowned sushi bar, the cliffside Point Bar, Spa Suites, a fitness center, two private white sand beaches, luxurious villas, an organic garden with guided tours and numerous experiences to explore our island and its azure waters.

Located 50 miles east of Nassau

The island of Eleuthera is little known to the rest of the world.

The island boasts impeccable beaches, picturesque sunsets and undisturbed wildlife, all contributing factors in being named the “Best Secret Island on Earth” by Travel + Leisure. Despite all that it has to offer, Eleuthera is only about one mile wide and 110 miles long.

The topography of the island varies from wide open sand beaches to large outcrops of coral reefs. The eastern side of the island faces the Atlantic Ocean, while the western side faces the Caribbean Sea, one of the two Bahama Banks. No matter where you are sightseeing on the island, you are sure to be surrounded by breathtaking views.

Eleuthera was first inhabited in the 1500s by the Lucayan Indians, who called the island Segatoo. After the Lucayan population came the Spanish explorers. The island was then uninhabited until 1648, when it was settled by a group of Puritan adventurers in search of religious freedom. They aptly renamed the island Eleutheria, which is Greek for freedom, and eventually changed to Eleuthera, meaning free. Their settlement was the first in the Bahamas, thus making Eleuthera the original birthplace of the country.

Home to the annual Pineapple Festival in June, Eleuthera has been celebrating the tradition of pineapple farming since 1988, honoring pineapple farmers for their commitment to their community. This event takes place in the heart of Gregory Town, where the pineapple is most abundant.


Meet Your Resort Hosts

Explore Eleuthera 

Guided by a knowledgeable resort host, explore many of the natural wonders of our island, most within a short distance of our resort. Pictured here is Preacher’s Cave, discovered in the 1600s by Captain William Sayles.


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